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Posted on June 12th, 2015 in Awards & Accomplishments

I know that many of you were made aware by Jason Henderson of the important award our CD colleague Michael Wilcox received from the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) at its recent meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, but I believe it is worth repeating that Michael was the recipient of the Distinguished National Service Award from NACDEP. This is one of the most prestigious recognitions provided by this professional organization. NACDEP is important to us because it is one of the most important voices supporting and advancing Extension community development work in our nation’s land-grant university system. Michael is one of a handful of individuals who has strengthened the vitality of NACDEP as the result of the key roles he has played in the organization over the past several years. These include serving as NACDEP’s President-Elect, President, Past-President, Secretary, its representative on the Joint Council of Extension Professional board (and JCEP Secretary), chair of various NACDEP committees and more. You cannot find a person who is more passionate about NACDEP than Michael Wilcox. Please join me in recognizing Michael for this important professional achievement and thanking him for a job well done.

– Bo Beaulieu