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Community & Organizational Planning

Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing

Participants of the Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing program learn how to write effective grant proposals and navigate the grant process. Both beginners and experienced grant writers learn to develop ideas into winning proposals, identify potential funders and understand the full proposal development, submission and review process.

Past participants have included staff and volunteers from local governments, nonprofits and educational organizations as well as members of community groups, clubs and concerned citizens who see a need in their communities that they want to help address.

Today, Indiana is home to new community playgrounds, expanded libraries, community agencies and improved businesses and schools that are meeting the needs of Indiana residents through newly-funded programs and services. Participants across the state have received more than $4,000,000 in grants awarded to their organizations in the last three years after attending the Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing workshop.



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The two-day Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing program is a great skill builder, whether you are just jumping into writing proposals or if you have some experience already. Past participants describe the workshop as very helpful to understanding how to write a successful proposal and to building their confidence as a grant writer.

On Day 1 of the workshop, you will come with an idea and leave with a proposal outline and all the resources needed to expand the outline into a full proposal. You return several weeks later for Day 2 with a draft proposal ready for a peer review. You will also learn strategies for finding funding. Extra bonuses include free limited access to searching the powerful Foundation Center Directory Online and the opportunity to receive feedback on your proposal from grant writing professionals.
Working with a database of potential customers.
Purdue Extension offers this program several times each year at locations throughout the state.


Federal and regional granting agencies and organizations have money available for local food system projects. Some grants are for farmers to add value to farm products they produce. Some are for farmers’ markets or for non-profit agencies. Local foundation dollars can often be leveraged for larger grants or to address an initiative like doubling food dollars for SNAP recipients at the farmers’ market.

Purdue Extension can help you connect to the grant information for food systems and also provide the training and education you might need to start, complete or manage a grant. These two webinars, designed to introduce you to the process and the basic components of an application, will help you start.

Kris Parker, Community Development Regional Educator, presents our webinars on grants above.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal – this thorough, 12 page publication details the process; written by Drs. Maria Marshall, Aaron Johnson and Joan Fulton, published by Purdue Extension.


To learn more about the Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing program, contact:

Kris Parker

Kris Parker

Community Development Regional Educator

Kym Schwinkendorf