Land Use

The Purdue University Land Use Team provides research-based resources and educational programs for Extension professionals, government officials, citizen planners and residents on land use issues impacting their communities. Land Use Team efforts are underpinned by a timely and rigorous professional development system that prepares Purdue Extension professionals to effectively serve on Plan Commissions.


Delivering Information to Assist Plan Commissions in Making Informed Planning Decisions

Indiana is the only state in the United States in which Extension Educators are legislatively mandated to serve on Advisory Plan Commissions and some Area Plan Commissions. Therefore, Purdue University is uniquely positioned to leverage this mandate to support Extension programming that addresses land use issues in Indiana. Current pressing issues, including the evolving rural/urban interface, developing and implementing sustainable strategies and supporting place-based economic development, all require attention at the state, regional and local levels in Indiana.

The Land Use Team’s primary responsibility is to develop and deliver robust information that assists Plan Commissions and other related institutions/organizations in making informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the alternatives and consequences related to land use planning decisions. Purdue Extension’s Land Use Team plays a critical role across Indiana through the work of Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) Educators serving on Plan Commissions and Community Development Educators working on land use issues.




Team Position Name Job Title Email
Co-Chair Amanda Mosiman Purdue Extension Educator, Warrick County, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Co-Chair Tamara Ogle Purdue Extension Community Development Regional Educator
Secretary Valerie Clingerman County Extension Director, Purdue Extension Educator, Knox County, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Training  Committee Chair Daniel Walker Community Planning Extension Specialist
Publications and Materials Committee Chair Paul Ebner Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
Governance Committee Chair Brad Kohlhagen Purdue Extension Educator, Adams County, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Mentoring Committee Chair Sarah Hanson County Extension Director, Purdue Extension Educator, Johnson County, Agriculture & Natural Resources
American Citizen Planner Committee Chair Kara Salazar Purdue Extension Specialist, Sustainable Communities
Team Member Annie Cruz-Porter Purdue Community and Regional Development Specialist
Team Member Craig Dobbins Professor of Agricultural Economics
Team Member Scott Gabbard County Extension Director, Purdue Extension Educator, Shelby County, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Team Member Bill Horan Purdue Extension Educator, Wells County, Community Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Team Member Indraneel Kumar Regional Planner, GIS & Spatial Analyst
Team Member Michael Schutz Purdue Extension Program Leader, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Professor of Animal Sciences
Team Member Michael Wilcox Purdue Extension Community Development Assistant Program Leader
Team Member Nicole Witkowski Purdue Extension Educator, Lake County, Agriculture & Natural Resources


Tamara Ogle

Tamara Ogle

Community Development Regional Educator

Amanda Mosiman

Amanda Mosiman

Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Educator