Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program

Enhanced Economic Stability for Indiana’s Defense-Related Communities

Many communities today, particularly places where defense is a critical component of the regional economy, are experiencing economic shock resulting from downsizing of the nation’s military. The purpose of the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program (DMAP) is to minimize the impact of lost jobs and disruption to firms and communities by exploring and implementing economic and workforce planning and revitalization efforts.

To address this reality in Indiana, Purdue has joined forces with the University of Michigan’s Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy, along with colleagues at The Ohio State University, to launch DMAP. Funding for this initiative was secured from the Office of Economic Adjustment/Department of Defense. Under the program, the Purdue Center for Regional Development is working alongside the Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership to provide critical services and resources to Indiana industries and communities/regions situated in areas most significantly impacted by defense contracting cutbacks.

By fostering economic stabilization, growth and diversification, DMAP seeks to maintain and enhance manufacturing infrastructure and capacity in order to meet national security priorities across Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, a region that is vital to our nation’s defense and security. Since Purdue began working with defense-related communities across the state, 20 companies have completed 31 projects. The Purdue Center for Regional Development was recently awarded a second grant to continue this work for the next three years.

As part of DMAP, Purdue partners are working to:
  • Map defense supply chains across the state;
  • Establish communication networks with defense industries and organizations as well as key state/regional agencies and higher education institutions;
  • Conduct community stakeholder meetings to identify economic challenges and opportunities;
  • Benchmark the current status of communities by producing comprehensive Data SnapShots;
  • Conduct in-depth analyses of industry and occupational comparative strengths and weaknesses for counties and regions; and
  • Guide communities/regions in the development of sound economic diversification plans and strategies.

Under DMAP, a community is eligible for up to $25,000 for diversification efforts, and qualified companies receive 50-90 percent of the project costs. Communities must contribute a 10 percent match.

Program Eligibility Criteria
  • At least one DMAP-engaged or DMAP-qualified company in the community
  • Dependent on the defense industry and adversely impacted by the defense drawdown
  • Engagement of key community stakeholders
  • Willingness to work with outside service providers

Partners & Sponsors

Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Center for Regional Development

To learn more about Purdue Extension’s role in the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program, contact:


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Annie Cruz-Porter

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Purdue Community and Regional Development Specialist
Purdue Community and Regional Development Specialist